Breaking News!!!! – Rule Changes to the CCN / CCI 1 Star Intro Class

As from the 19th October 2019, new entry and qualifying rules will apply to the CCN / CCI 1 Star Intro Level:

  • Riders and Horses no longer need to be qualified as a combination to enter the CCN / CCI 1 Star class.
  • 1 X QR at 1M (horse and rider, but not necessarily as a combination) is all that is required to enter the 1 Star level.
  • Both Adult and Junior Riders may compete at CCN / CCI 1 Star
  • Junior and Adult riders wishing to compete in the CCI 1 Star class must hold valid FEI registrations for both horse and rider.
  • Riders do NOT need to upgrade their memberships to compete at CCN 1 Star.
  • Riders that wish to compete in the CCI FEI 1 Star class must upgrade their Eventing SA membership to Star Rider.
Eventing 80, & below None None
Eventing 80 to Eventing  90 Achieve a minimum of two QRs at 80 level Achieve a minimum of two QRs at 80 level
Eventing 90 to Eventing 100 Achieve a minimum of two QRs at 90 level Not permitted
Eventing 1m to Eventing CCN1* Intro Achieve a minimum of one QR at 1m Not permitted