Dear Members of Eventing SA – Year End News Letter

As our final show for the year has been completed and riders and horses wind down for the festive season, we would like to announce the following important news items:

Memberships 2020, Registration Procedures and SAEF Enhancements to online entries African Nations Cup and Shield 2020 Ranking Competition 2019 / 2020

Memberships 2020, Registrations Procedure and SAEF

Dual Memberships for Pony and Junior Riders. Riders wishing to compete in both the Junior and Pony Rider classes must select Pony Rider / Junior Membership and not just Pony Rider Membership. The Pony Rider Membership fee will be R80.00. Junior / Pony Rider Membership fees will be R100.00.

Membership Fees for 2020
Star Rider Membership R 380.00
A 80 – 1m Membership R 255.00
Junior Pony Rider Membership R 100.00
Pony Rider Membership R 80.00
Horse Fee R 60.00
FEI Rider Registration Fee R280.00
FEI Horse Registration Fee R280.00
Club Registration Fee R 165.00
Sponsors Membership R 600.00
SHB fee R 125.00
Unaffiliated Rider (60/70) Free
Unaffiliated Horse (60/70) Free

SAEF Memberships – Graded Riders – Please make sure you capture your correct SAEF number into your profile. SAEF will electronically allocate paid SAEF memberships directly into our database. Riders wishing to enter shows in 2020 without a paid SAEF membership will unfortunately be blocked. If you have paid your SAEF membership but the system shows you as unpaid you will need to contact and we will sort out the issue with SAEF on your behalf.

Registrations 2020 Procedure – When you login from the 9th December 2019 you will notice on the dashboard a button called renew membership next to each rider and horse under your profile. When you click on the renew membership button next to your horse / pony your current membership will display, if you are happy to stick with the current membership just click on the Edit button. You may also change your membership here. You will then be taken to a screen where you can update all the information that may be missing such as Microchip number and vaccinations. You will also be required to upload a copy of your hoses passport ID page for passport verification. This is SAEF requirement so that they can match horses to passport numbers. Please note that you will not be able to proceed with the registration of your horse / pony without updating the microchip number, vaccinations and copy of passport ID page.
When you click on the renew membership button next to your riders name your current membership will display. Once you have selected the correct membership click on the Edit button. Please complete all the missing information, if you are a graded rider you will be asked to update your Club and SAEF number.

We have now also added an upload proof of payment button under Membership Invoices due to popular demand. Enhancements to online entries

We are in the process of adding a new feature to online entries specific to stabling and paddocks. When entering an event the system will display how many stables and paddocks are still available at the venue. Once your entry payment has been allocated as paid, the available stabling and paddocks will reduce until all stables and paddocks have been sold out. This feature will assist both riders and the show holding bodies to manage the stable and paddock bookings so no members are disappointed.

African Nations Cup and Shield 2020 The Group IX Eventing committee have launched a new web site specific to competitions in our region. The address is This site will provide online entries for African Nations Cup and Shield tournaments in all participating countries. It will also provide live scoring so that nations can follow the events as they take place. The site will contain information such as rules, dressage tests, calendar and a host of photo galleries for the public and riders to enjoy.

Eventing SA will soon be publishing the expression of interest for the upcoming tour of Zimbabwe, this tour will include 2 major events being run at Hillcrest and Azaluna. More information will be released soon.   The calendar is available on the Group IX web site under Events. Ranking Competition 2019 / 2020 As the first half of the season draws to and end, riders and horses need to prepare for the second half of the season where the amazing prize of being part of Team SA travelling to Europe will be up for grabs. There will be a total of 18 possible scoring events left in the season and we would like to encourage all our riders to attend as many shows as possible in order to score as many points in order to win the prize. Just to recap, the top rider in each category namely Star Rider, Adult Rider, Junior Rider and Pony Rider (if qualified to ride at 1* by 2021) will form part of a South African team that will travel to France in early 2021 to compete on borrowed horses. We expect Team RSA to compete against teams from France, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium and Germany. This will be confirmed closer to the time.

For any membership queries please contact and for any support queries on the updated system please contact Our administration office will be closed between the 21st December and 5th January.

For all our riders travelling on holiday, please be safe and drive carefully (unless you are flying of course). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you all in 2020!!