Eventing Adult Championships 2019 – ICB -Cross Entries for Star Classes

We all want, and need, to make this the main Event of the year. For that we must have         good entries and plenty of finishers.

The philosophy of the course will be like the old Inanda SA Champs.  Spectacular bold and inviting tracks – with lots of options to make sure even the less experienced horses  and riders get home. Mementoes for every finisher. Trucking grant for all out of province competitors in the main class. Decent prize money. And all competitors going home having had a good show and feeling more prepared for next year’s.

Come and look at the tracks for yourself and decide which one on site. We will allow cross entry between 3*-S and 1*-S on the payment of 3*-S entry fee only. But you will need to nominate which one by 15h00 on Friday 22nd November, so we can do the timing.