Eventing Rules 2019 – Please can all Eventers take the time to read the rules

New rule changes for 2019 are highlighted in RED.

SA RULES FOR EVENTING as at 1 January 2019 V4

GENERAL-REGULATIONS for DRESSAGE SA Effective 1 January 2018

Scoring Legend

Cross Country Scoring
15 Penalties Missed Flag
20 Penalties 1 Stop
35 Penalties 1 Stop with 1 Missed Flag
60 Penalties 2 Stops
75 Penalties 2 Stops with 1 Missed Flag
Code Explanation RQ -Reverse Qualification
EL Eliminated N/A
RET Retired No
WD Withdrawn No
DSQ Disqualified (See Below) No
EL-OT Other / Error on Course / Incorrect Behaviour No
EL-R Elimination due to Refusal Yes
EL-FR Fall of Rider Yes