Vicky Scott has a very successful WEG warm-up at Haras du Pin France.

Vicky, born and raised in Pietermaritzburg and now living in Cognac central France continues to fly the S A flag proudly in major FEI events in Europe .

Vicky is in the very lucky position of having 2 horses qualified for WEG (What did Gary Player say about luck !!! ) SONG DU MAGAY a 12 year old bay gelding, Selle Francais, with two completed 4* stars experiences to his credit and VALTO DES PEUPLIERS a 9 year old chestnut Selle Francais just entering the top echelons with an excellent MER in 3* long in May at Vairona in northern Italy .


SONG DU MAGAY                                               VALTHO DES PEUPLIERS


With just 30 days until the WEG trot up and 21 days to the horse transport flight from Leige Belgium to Tryon North Carolina, Vicky still has to make a call on the anointed one .

SONG is the more experienced has the better dressage presence has a big engine for the long format is very impressive in the XC with a big engine for the long format but can take the bit a little . VALTO has only just broken into the 3 * long format is a very straightforward XC ride and as the lexicon goes is a “machine in the country “ Both are careful and can produce clears in the ring.


Being in the excellent position of having two potential competitive rides for WEG Vicky decided to enter both in HARAS du PIN in a shoot out !!! LE PIN is in a delightful area of Normandy and was the site of the 2014 WEG Both had good dressage scores of 33.8 and 34.9 and maybe both left a few marks out there.

Both had excellent fluid XC clears, SONG 19 seconds under time and VALTO 20 seconds under time .

Both had good jumping SONG one down and VALTO two down all were little touches

So neck and neck with the younger horse making excellent progress to be within 1 dressage mark 1 second in XC ,1 pole in the jumping !!!

They finished 16th and 25th from an international field of 55 well done Vicky, we await your call.

Article by Mike Marsden