ICB 2018 Christmas Event, Incorporating the African shield1 & 2 DECEMBER 2018

Well done to ICB on hosting and producing a fantastic Christmas and 4th leg of the African Shield event. Linda Philo, Tim Payne and their organising committee can be very proud of what was produced, with entries in excess of 120.

To quote Nicholas Zaal from the Midrand Reporter “Santa’s, Elvesand even a Reindeer rode on the backs of horses all through ICB”. Not your classic show, but one of great heart and spirit.

It started off with a fabulous party on Friday night, where over 120 people joined in the fun and festivities of presenting and celebrating all the teams and competitors.Such was the spirit, that the enthusiasm for our riders from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Swaziland (all on borrowed horses) were embraced, neatly summed up what this sport is all about – great camaraderie!

If Patrick Brown gives up riding, we can all agree he’d make a great party planner!

Dressage for the team event took place on Saturday, on the main arena, which saw the teams all closely grouped, but by the end of the SJ on Sunday, South Africa A were the ultimate winners, followed by South Africa B and in 3RD, Namibia

The fun unofficial team was won by the Sexy Snowmen and the best team outfits was won by Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Please refer to the link https://livescoring.eventingsa.co.za/completed.php, for full results.

Our BIGGEST thanks must go the owners of the loaned horses – again, arranged by Patrick Brown. Is there anything that this man can not do??????

Jane Brown, Patrick Brown, Leon Smith, Mandy Thomas, Louise Zijp, Mike Marsden, Stella Angus, Rene Brinkman and Tim Payne.