Northern Farm May Event – Declaration of Prize Winners and Notice from the Show Holding Body

Wow! We had a super weekend! Not without hitches due to our lack of show organizing experience but still a great event for horses and riders.
The Northern Farm team led by Bongani and William worked the longest hours, designing 5 courses and building 7, with Graham masterminding and overseeing the 2 brilliant FEI courses.
How some of the extremely heavy ‘not-so-portable’ jumps were manually lifted into new positions I still don’t comprehend.
So many volunteers, judges and officials were so patient with some of our shortcomings. We are working on an easier way to draw up course maps and get them published earlier.
Andy and Pete kept cool heads among the ‘behind the scenes hitches’ and Marj and Sven were extraordinary in the recorders box, not forgetting it was a first time for both of them.
It’s tough getting results out fast when XC is the final phase, we have lots to learn from the Winn’s.
But most telling were the many smiles cantering through the finish line – which is what all of this is all about.

Thank you All.

Results as follows:-


1st – Heidi Caine on Mbulelo
2nd – Paula Duggan on Voigtskirch Camillo


1st – Claire Martin on Mark in Time
2nd – Janine Evans on Wows RJ 


1st – Sarah Aitchison on Jemada Jester 

Adult 1m                                           

1st – Claudia Cloete on Callaho Lisandor
2nd – Roxanne Massaro on Bodenhausen Acapulco
3rd – Shaneen Krzyza on Gcs Maxs Midgard Saphyr
4th – Nathalie Lugard on Beaumont Jupiter Ascending

Adult 90cm                                                   

1st – Felicity Hudson on Assegai Red Hart
2nd – Ashleigh Handley on Zensunni Desert Dream
3rd – Nathalie Lugard on Rivervales Rosensplendor

Pony Rider 90cm

1st – Mia Bezuidenhout on Waterford Flash

Adult 80cm

1st – Roxanne Massaro on Gcs-max Callaho Madeleine
2nd – Anne Mercier on Just Jasper
3rd – Megan Peens on Voigtskirch Amarosso
4th – Claire Martin on Esprite
5th – Sarah-jane Clarke on Duty Dance
6th – Kim Koetsier on Rolling In The Deep

Junior 80cm

1st – Julia Schurr on Emily Rose

Pony Rider 80cm

1st – Kelly Bezuidenhout on Starlight Dream

Adult 70cm

1st – Alexandra Munn on Awol
2nd – Fiona Hoekstra on Brandenburg Lion’s Lair
3rd – Sarah-jane Clarke on Beza
4th – Mary-Jane Toye on Pilgrims Promise
5th – Lucy Welch on Dakota
6th – Sydne York-hart on Zeppelins Kashmir

Junior 70cm

1st –Chelsea Lesley Munn on Wise Geek

Adult 60cm

1st – Christi Lawless on Ewan’s Dream
2nd – Abigail Thrush on Locarno Chicago

SANESA Gauteng results:-

Highschools 1m Gauteng

1st – Sanka Belcher on Scalpellini riding for Cornwall Hill College

Highschools 90cm Gauteng

1st – Jolene Van Niekerk on Federato QS riding for St Dunstan’s College

Highschools 80cm Gauteng

1st – Jessica Turner on Galaxy riding for Beaulieu College
2nd – Mia Joubert  on Rooigras Gina riding for Hoerskool Garsfontein

Highschools 80cm North West

1st – Georgia Harley on Royal Var riding for Mountain Cambridge School

Highschools 70cm Gauteng

1st – Faith Zevgolis on Ramiros Dual riding for Cedarwood College
2nd – Marnise Lambrechts on Hoefstraal Vimba riding for Hoerskool Driehoek
3rd – Carlie-Anne Millar on Sinbad D riding for Homeschool Assoc Central High
4th – Chane Smit on Baikalt Sea riding for Hoer Volkskool Heidelberg
5th – Farah Cassim on Rusty riding for Copperleaf College

Highschools 70cm North West

1st – Alyssa Giblot – Ducray on Gina’s Girl riding for Pecanwood College

Primary schools 70cm Gauteng

1st – Tasmia Omar Ismail on Classic Red riding for St Marys DSG Pretoria

High schools 60cm Gauteng

1st – Hannah Boulle on Sherwill Valerian riding for HeronBridge College
2nd – Odette Jacobs on Latif Sinbad riding for Hoerskool Montana
3rd – Tamara Van Vuuren on Midgaurd Althea riding for Hoer Volkskool Heidelberg

Primary Schools 60cm Gauteng

1st – Aowyn Csernus on Rooigras Style riding for Tyger Valley College Prep

Congratulations to all the riders! We hope to see you all at our show in August.