Updates to the Eventing SA Online Systems

Live Scoring:

Additional columns have added to the live scoring system with the heading “Scores Finalised”. Once a class and phase has been finalised the X will in the respective phase will be replaced with a tick showing that that class and phase is complete:

When entering the class to view the scores you will see a box with each phase giving the time when the class was finalised. Rides will have 30 min to query any results from this time.


Once all 3 phases have been finalised you will see the following:

Portal / Online Shows

We have added a new menu item to Online Shows & Entries in your portal system called Dressage Times and Rider Number:







Once the show holding body has allocated your times and numbers and finalised the event, you will be able to view all the show information pertaining to your entries here:

These new updates will be launched at this weekends Kurland and SANESA national Events 21 – 23 September 2018