VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE – Changes to Online Entries – Please READ!

As of Monday the 17 July 2017 online entries will be slightly different.  Members will be required to upload their proof of payment before the entry will be accepted.  Until such time the entry will be provisional and the show holding body will not be aware of your entry until the proof of payment has been uploaded.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete your entry as normal, there are no changes to this process.
  2. Once you have completed all your entries click on Online Shows and then Show Invoices
  3. Next to each entry you will find an upload button, click on this to upload your proof of payment.
  4. The file type must either be PDF or DOC / DOCX
  5. Once you have uploaded your proof of payment the SHB will be able to view your proof of payment and allocate your entry as PAID.

If you are unable to upload your proof of payment, or do not understand how to, please email for assistance and support will help you through this process.

Thank you.