About the League


So how will the scoring work for the challenge league work?
For the league we will work with positive scoring which translates to – you execute a movement, clear a jump etc. and you score points. Don’t execute or go round a jump and you don’t!
Scoring is weighted towards the cross country phase where 80% of your marks are to be had, a further 10% can be earned in the “dressage” phase and the final 10% for your show jumping phase.
There will be a rider briefing at each event so be sure to join us as we unpack the challenge league with you.


The layout for Challenge League “Dressage” tests. Note the setup is designed to allow venues with minimum facilities to host league events. The minimum arena size required is 40m X 20m. Within reason any flat grass or sand arena may be used as long as it meets the minimum dimensions.
The “center line” is EB NOT AC
Other than E and B being marked 20m apart no other letters are necessary as figures are ridden “free style” not from specific letters. Athletes must plan their tests to their own advantage, the thinking rider, within the confines of the demarcated arena. Venues are advised to advise participants on the entry form the arena dimension they will be providing to allow athletes to plan their tests.
The tests are designed such that any experienced/qualified riding instructor can judge we don’t need a DSA dressage judge but would be nice as and when available, this allows for our rural far flung riding schools/yards to participate and host league events.
Any queries just shout.