Coaching Qualifications


Author: Di Pieterse

Managing Director: Equestrian Qualifications Authority of Southern Africa (EQASA)


The writing of the qualifications at all three National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Levels (5, 6 and 7) are now complete. It took the working Group – Community of Expert Practitioners (CEP) a year – meeting for two days x 7 sessions funded by the Professional Body Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals (CEEPSA). The actual curriculum totals 147 pages. The basis of the qualifications directly align with the International Group minimums (recognised by the FEI) and now appear in “government” format required for an Official South African Qualification.

Please note: that they have been structured generically i.e. FOR PURPOSE – to apply to all, i.e. competition disciplines; mounted services; racing; tourism etc and encompass all titles industry chooses to call them e.g. Coach/Instructor/Teacher/Trainer/Riding Master.

Please note: The Specialisations i.e. what each Discipline (i.e. Eventing, Show Jumping, Polo, Dressage etc)/Industry defines as their own needs and requirements are determined by the Qualifications Assessment Specifications Documents for external assessments and are drawn up by the Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) EQASA IN CONSULTATION with the relevant bodies.

The qualifications are divided into three (3) levels (1) Fundamental Level (NQF Level 5); Intermediate Level (NQF Level 6); and Advanced Level (NQF Level 7) as follows:

  • Knowledge Modules
  • Practical Skills Modules
  • Workplace Exerience Modules

Subjects Covered are:

  • Legislative/Rules/Regulations at all levels
  • Teaching Methodology (Equestrian Learner, Combination Equine & Equestrian) at all levels
  • Equine Schooling Methodology at all levels
  • Personal Proficiency at all levels
  • Management of welfare of Equestrian, Equine and Equine/Equestrian combination at all levels
  • Management of Teaching aids/equipment at all levels
  • Management of Performance; Situation/Risk analysis; Performance Programs at all levels

Please note: ACCESS TO THE QUALIFICATION IS NQF LEVEL 4 (Module 4) in other words all the Horse Management; Horse Care; Basic Riding and Assistant Instructor (the existing EQASA Modules 1-4) that were registered in 2008 and were based on the existing SANIP Modules. These will be realigned into the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) format by the CEEPSA/CATHSSETA Partnership.

Please note: These qualifications will still equate to Instructor International Levels 1;2 and 3. We recommend that those of you not yet registered with CEEPSA ( or email: please do so as the Equine and Equestrian Professional Body for our industry.

Should you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact Di Pieterse on Tel: 044 871 5331 or Eventing Coaching Portfolio Representative: Zena Penfold on Tel: 051 924 0379 or email: