Eventing Rules

Eventing SA Rules effective 1 January 2024
ESA Rules – 2024-01

2021 Rules -MER Dispensation

ESA Social Media Policy 2019


Scoring Legend

Cross Country Scoring  
11 Penalties Dislodging a frangible device  
15 Penalties Missed Flag  
20 Penalties 1 Stop  
35 Penalties 1 Stop with 1 Missed Flag  
60 Penalties 2 Stops  
75 Penalties 2 Stops with 1 Missed Flag  
Code Explanation RQ -Reverse Qualification
EL Eliminated N/A
RET Retired No
WD Withdrawn No
DSQ Disqualified (See Below) No
EL-OT Other / Error on Course / Incorrect Behaviour No
EL-R Elimination due to Refusal Yes
EL-FR Fall of Rider Yes
EL-FH Fall of Horse Yes
EL-DR Dangerous Riding Yes
EL-AH Abuse of Horse No
EL-FOF Fall on Flat, not related to a Jump No
EL-ID Elimination Involuntary Dismount (100cm and below) Yes
What constitutes a disqualification?
Horse too old or too young
Athlete too old or too young
Athlete suspended
Horse suspended
Not a Pony
Not a Horse
Athlete not qualified
Not conforming with rules
Horse not qualified
Horse not registered
Athlete not registered
Unknown Horse
Unknown Athlete
Rest period not respected
Horse not entered
Athlete not entered

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