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About Eventing SA
Eventing South Africa is the recognised association that administers the sport of Eventing in South Africa and falls under the South African Equestrian Federation SAEF.

Eventing SA Council Members

National President           Mike Greeff
Vice President                 Priscilla Young
Rider Representative      Nikki Thurgood
President Gauteng          Tim Payne
President KZN                Robyn Thomas
President W Cape          Derek Patrick
President E Cape           Kate Peskens
President Mpumalanga  Leon Smith
President Free State      Zena Penfold
Treasurer                       Kate Gill
                Elisha van der Westhuizen
General Secretary       Colin Crafford
Systems Support          Colin Crafford

Eventing SA Portfolio Managers

Officials                          Richard Beck
International                   Danila Smit
Development                 Linda Squair