Help Victoria Scott-Legendre get to Tokyo Olympics -Go Fund me

My name is Vicky Scott-Legendre. It is a dream come true that I will be competing at the Tokyo Olympics this year! I will be representing South Africa in Equestrian- Eventing, with my horse Valtho des Peupliers.

It has been a very long road to get this far! This years Games will be unusual, as it is closed and with no outside spectators. Luckily I will have the support of my team- Rodolphe Scherer (coach), Charlotte Cremieux (groom), Ingeborg Sanne (chef d’equipe) and Colin Scott (father).

I am very grateful for my sports and equestrian federations for funding so much of the costs involved in such an operation. However, there are a lot of additional costs involved that are a big financial challenge for me (summarised later).

Hence my plea for aid and funding. Any kind donation would alleviate the financial stress of these costs, and allow me to focus on my performance at the Games.

My offer to the donators would be to join a personal WhatsApp group, that would allow you to follow the behind the scenes action at the Games.

Thank you for your support and for sharing this funding appeal further.

Travel, food and accommodation 2000euros

Equipment 1000euros

Support team expenses 5000euros