Ulwazi Farm Early Bird Stabling at Discounted Price

Ulwazi Farm Stabling Form

Early Bird Stabling Booking for Ulwazi Farm Eventing Show, wkd 8/9th May 2021.

We are building 10 more stables for the Show in May, giving us a total of 42 stables. If you would like to book and pay for stables by the end of the month or before the Schedule goes Online (R350), you pay last years Wkd Stabling rates – R300.

This will assist us in buying the poles we need for Construction now, so we can get on and get the stables finished, leaving plenty of time for building jumps etc.

Please email scottaylor@iuncapped.co.za and Request the 2021 Stabling form. 1st paid and booked stables get preference.

As stables are booked, the number available decreases so no over booking.
If for any reason, you book/pay for stables and cannot attend the Show, you/we can sell on, your stable for you.

Please put any Special requests in writing – end of block, escape artist, not near mares, with friends (name) as sharing Groom.

We have a few stables with extra poles, so you can request extra poles for the hard to keep in Horses.

A piece of shade cloth 3 x 3.6ms and cable ties, is a must in your show box, always useful to ensure your horse gets a good nights rest, without a pesky equine neighbour sticking his head over into your horses stable and disturbing him.

Many thanks