Become a Member of Eventing SA

Please follow the instructions below on how to register and become a member with Eventing South Africa. 

On the menu click on  Login
Select Rider/member Login Login
Select Create account
Capture in all the required information
Click on Register

Login with your email address and password that you created. 

On the top menu select Riders
Select Add rider
Capture in all the requited information
Click on Add Rider 

On the top menu select Horse/Pony
Select add Horse/Pony
Capture in all the required information
Click on add Horse/Pony 

On the top menu select Link Rider
Select Link Rider to Horse or Horse to Rider (it doesn’t matter which one)
Select the Horse/Pony Name
Capture in the owners ID number (or select the horse from the drop down box)
Click on Link Rider to Horse / Link Horse to Rider.  This is important when entering a show online. 

After the above has been done select Fee Invoices. All outstanding invoices will display under this tab. Please use the invoice number as reference number in the payment confirmation. This makes allocating the invoice as paid much faster . Even if you are a recreational rider, we will still need to approve the registreation and allocate the zero invoice, this is done daily.  You can also contact for any assistance.