FEI Events / Information / Procedure and Tips


535.1 Identification Number
Upon arrival, each Horse is issued with an identification number, which must be worn at all times. It may be replaced by the draw number, which must then be worn until the end of the Competition.

All FEI horses have to have their identification number on the head collar and on the stable.

Failure to display either number incurs first a warning and, in the case of a repeated offence, a fine imposed on the Athlete by the Ground Jury.

It is a good idea to warm your horse up before TROT UP
TROT UP is done in Class & Programme order (unless you have made arrangements with the OC to come out of order )
Your identification number or draw number must be on the bridle.
Always look professional when your horse is presented at THE TROT UP, make sure your horse is well groomed .
Please be punctual.

LADIES:- Wear a outfit that is suitable & comfortable for you to run your horse out well, correct shoes is a must
Trousers/skirt with shirt/blouse, jacket & hat is optional. (Hair neat)

GENTLEMAN:- Trousers/shirt and tie. Jacket and hat is optional. Correct shoes a must
Riding attire is acceptable.

Bring your Passport and hand it to the steward so the  FEI Vet Delegate may perform the inspection.
Stand your horse up straight for identification inspection & Microchip Scan by FEI Vet
Horses needs to stand still making it easy for the FEI Vet to identify the horse .
You will be asked to walk your horse ,then trot at the marker (if there is one) and at bottom of lane, you walk turn horse right then trot back, bring your horse back to walk.
Always make sure that your reins are not tight, restricting the horses head .
The TD or announcer will announce if the horse is fit to compete.
If you are asked to go to The Holding Box, the steward will accompany you to where the treating vet will assess the horse.